Thank you for helping us get our name out to the community!  Through your social media networks, you can help people who follow you get to know House on the Rock…who we are and what we are about.

If you aren’t well versed in using Facebook and Instagram, no problem! We have put together a few tutorials to help show you how to engage with our social media.

If you haven’t liked our pages yet you can find us by searching our name House on the Rock or by our username@hotrockchurchypsi. Please keep in mind there are other churches that use the same name so make sure you have the right account! You will be able to tell because the page will be branded with our logo.


How to like HotRock’s Facebook page

How to Check-In at HotRock

How to tag HotRock in your post

How to Like, Comment, and Share HotRock’s Posts


How to like HotRock’s page and posts