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The Healing Power Of The Word / Touching Jesus (5-12-2024)
May 12, 2024

The Healing Power Of The Word / Touching Jesus (5-12-2024)

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In the first part of this healing class, Doris shares that Jesus says you can have what you say, but not many of us know what to say. Your body will obey your words, whether you’re speaking words of death or words of life, your words will reflect the fruit of spoken words. Without a doubt it is never God‘s will for us to be sick therefore we have to train our tongue to line up with the word of God that says “we are healed.” The word conceived in our heart, formed by our tongue, and spoken out of our mouth is a “Powerful Creative Healing Force!”. Joann follows up by reminding us that the Bible says when Jesus was near a town or village, the people would bring the sick to Him, in the hope of just touching the hem of His garment. The Bible tells us that as many as touched Him were healed. But now, because of the cross, we do not have to wait for Him to come, He is with us at all times. Just receive your healing!

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