What are you speaking? / Knowing God’s Value of You = Healing (part 2) (8-15-2021)

What are you speaking? / Knowing God's Value of You = Healing (part 2) (8-15-2021)

This class has two powerful messages. In the first message, Doris examines what you are speaking. How many times have you heard people saying things like, “l believe that God is going to bless, deliver or heal me?” Well, God has already blessed, delivered and healed you, and it’s time to align your words by faith to the Word of God, knowing that God’s word produces the faith needed for the manifestations for the things God has already given you. 

In the second message, Johnny continues his teaching regarding God’s value of you. Sometimes it’s easier to believe Jesus loves us and therefore wants us healed than it is to believe the same about God. Jesus came to show God’s love and value of you. A wrong image of God can make it difficult to receive from Him.


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